Konstantin Nestmann

Konstantin Nestmann

PhD candidate in Physics

RWTH Aachen

I am currently completing my PhD in theoretical physics at RWTH Aachen. My research focuses on various aspects of open quantum systems from both a quantum information and a statistical physics perspective.

  • Non-perturbative quantum master equations
  • Quantum non-Markovianity
  • Quantum Thermodynamics
  • PhD in Physics (with Prof. M. R. Wegewijs), 2018 - present

    RWTH Aachen University

  • MSc in Physics (with Prof. C. Timm), 2018

    Dresden University of Technology

  • BSc in Physics (with Prof. C. Timm), 2015

    Dresden University of Technology



  • Quantum Information (Prof. David DiVincenzo and Prof. Maarten Wegewijs)
  • Statistical Physics (Prof. Volker Meden)
  • Quantum Mechanics (Prof. Volker Meden)
  • Introduction to Theoretical Physics (Prof. Dante Kennes)